Family in Hiding 

Season 1 Episode 1
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Season 1 24 20 2016
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The series is a cheerful comic story told with zest and zeal. It's a light-hearted mixture of a detective story and an action, which is inevitable when two absolutely different families try to get on well.

What should you do if your father is a tycoon, tricking trustful investors out of money? Should you ignore your conscience and use his unlimited credit card? Or should you break up with him and go your own way?

Dima Kondratyev has chosen the second option! No, he doesn't have an expensive car and a villa, but he has a dream job, a modest flat and, most important, a girlfriend Julya, brought up in a very simple family. Dima and Julya want to be together forever; they are sure that their happy long mutual life lies ahead. The couple is planning their wedding, but suddenly the privacy of the almost newlyweds’ cozy apartment is invaded by his crazy family. They are: Dima’s father, wanted by the police for having organized a financial bubble in the construction market, his kooky mother and his bigheaded sister. What is worse – Julya's parents are equity holders, conned by Dima's tycoon father. Now Dima has to reconcile the both families and support his runaway relatives used to living large.

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