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Even the fiercest career-makers and prosperous business ladies dream of comfortable home, tender husbands and children at the back of their hearts. Why do some girls fail to build relationships, while others make the opposite sex put them on a pedestal?

How to build a happy marriage? Where to find the only one, who is handsome, kind, generous and rich? Is there any secret instruction or a guidebook for action? Where should you look for your future husband? How should you understand whether your darling wants to marry you? How should you build relationships with the man you want to marry?

People say, that these girls “have a happy marriage”. Other girls envy them and want to repeat their fate. But they can’t see behind the pretty picture that this way to happiness is very tricky. The most difficult thing in searching an ideal man is find yourself first.

Psychologists, astrologists and personal life trainers reveal the secrets of a happy marriage. How should you find a man who will make you happy? Where should you look for a tycoon and how should you prepare to your fateful meeting? How should you keep your husband after you get married and what mistakes should you avoid?

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