Studio 24 

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S1 E1
seasons min episodes year
Season 1 48 15 2018
Season 2 48 33 2019
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This new show Rogov.Studio 24 will focus on brothers and sisters, spouses, friends, work mates and other couples who want to change each other. In the beginning of each episode they try to make it themselves and choose stuff according to their own taste, but later Alexander Rogov’s beauty team of best specialists in the fashion and beauty indfustry will come to help. In this project, two heroes will face both external make over and internal metamorphosis: for example, they will have to pass a challenge prepared by the host together with a psychologist. The makeover show studio includes a common open zone, two closed makeup rooms and a multilayered mirror which in the end of each episode will show the couples their transformations. Viewers can judge new looks of the heroes and have a fashion advice from Alexander Rogov and his team in the “Here and Now” section.

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