seasons min episodes year
1 season 49 20 2010
2 season 49 11 2011
3 season 49 8 2012
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 The host of any show is its “face”. It’s a fact. The show “Style Week With Vlad Lisovets” is lucky, because its host is the professional stylist and psychologist, who embodies exquisiteness, elegancy and style in its best version.

The stylist and psychologist Vlad Lisovets will teach his audience and guests to be in style, even those who don’t follow fashion in principle. He will have the assistance of those who have already found their style and know fashion trends inside and out: show business and TV stars. Vlad will host Evelina Blyodans, Yulia Beretta, Dana Borisova, Victoria Daineko, Pelageya, Sergey Mayorov, Alyona Gil, Katerina Von Gechmen-Valdek.

“Style week” is not a simple talk-show about style, beauty and fashion. You’ll get practical recommendations from hairdressers, stylists, make-up and fashion designers visiting Vlad Lisovets in his show. Guests tell him about their relationships with fashion, clothes and image as a whole. Experts and professionals give you handy tips how to choose correct underwear, clothes and hairdo to create your personal image and look stunning!

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