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1 season 24 20 2015
2 season 24 13 2015
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A new travel-show declares war on the tourist stereotypes, dispels myths about resting abroad and offers the only original routes for travelling!

The hosts become your personal guides – they check by own experience all local beauties listed in the guides and websites. At the same time they eхplore new places and show lots of possible ways to use imagination and save money. And the most important – they’ll teach you how to make your journey fantastic, create unforgettable memories and get photos, your friends will envy for.

On the second season the audience helps the hosts choose sightseeing and local entertainment to try. Katya and Leonid Morgunovs are going to snowboard down a volcano, take Kung Fu lessons from a Hollywood master and even taste a snake.

Each episode the experienced travelers will have to do five tasks, including the ones chosen by the audience: two for each host and one for the both. The first season they travelled across Europe; this time they are exploring South-East Asia (Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Hanoi), former USSR republics (Erevan, Batumi), Russia (Kamchatka, Sochi, Baikal) and other countries.

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