Tastes of the World 

Tastes of the World
seasons min episodes year
1 season 12 6 2010
2 season 12 6 2011
3 season 12 8 2012
4 season 12 3 2013
5 season 12 3 2014
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The next question following : “Where did you spend your vacation?” is: “What did you taste there?” And your friend starts with a picturesque description of local specialty which he or she happened to taste there.

National cuisine and traditions can tell you a lot about local people and their life style. For example, do you know why the Japanese cuisine uses wasabi and soy-bean sauce so often? Why do Tai people add hot spices to all their dishes? Why do Asian people drink green tea? Travelers ask loads of “why” questions, and answers to them are always closely liked to climate, culture, people’s customs and ancient legends. The hosts of the show and well-known people will tell you not only about the cuisine traditions of various nations, they will also teach you how to cook local specialties.

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