Dangerous Liaisons 

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Season 1 48 4 2017
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Victor and Elena Zakharov are a loving married couple and the happy parents of Vlad and Masha. However, Lena feels that something is going wrong in their relationship with her husband. Victor during the month almost does not sleep at home, which leads the heroine to believe that his intention to abandon his family for his mistress. Soon it turns out that in reality, Victor was preparing a surprise for his wife, building a country house and a workshop where Lena could create her sculptures. The heroine rejoices with joy, because her long-held dream is coming true. Events take an unexpected turn when Victor's new employee Vera tries to enter Zakharov's family as a friend. At first Lena is sympathetic to a colleague of her husband, but after mysterious phone threats, arson workshop and loss of personal belongings, the main character of the series "Dangerous Liaisons" become suspicious of Vera's involvement in many misadventures. Not finding support from her husband, Elena begins her own investigation.

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