Random bride 

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Season 1 48 4 2018
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When the heart yearns for love, it is easy to give in to feelings and not see that emotions and actions can be false. How does it feel to be in a fairy tale, when in fact it is a dangerous reality... 

Nastya is an ER doctor, which means that in responsible moments she must not lose control of her feelings and emotions. She has a kind heart and a responsive character. But one day Nastya still loses her head, falling in love with Sergei Ignatyev. The heroine met him, coming to the daughter of the owner of a large construction company Mark Knyazev. The casual acquaintance develops into a stormy romance with beautiful courtship, flowers and gifts. And, a week later, the man proposes to Nastya. The girl cannot believe her happiness. It seems to her that she has drawn a lucky ticket: her chosen one is a worthy and noble person. 

However, the following events and a chance overheard conversation completely shatter her illusions... What will Nastya choose - to run away from a dangerous groom or pretend and play the role of a happy bride?

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