The price of the past 

Season 1 Episode 1
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Season 1 48 4 2018
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Fatal circumstances, skeletons in the closet, blackmail - the series "The Price of the Past" (2018) will show how dangerous love affairs can be and how important it is to be able to keep what you have. Maria and Alexei's marriage over the years has turned into a boring routine with no room for ardent feelings. It seems to Maria that personal happiness is about to come to an end when her former classmate Oleg appears in her life. Suddenly driven by passion, she does not notice how she finds herself in a love triangle. Maria soon realizes the recklessness of his act, but escape from the clinging hands of a lover, clearly hiding the truth about his past, it is not possible ... Want to know what is silent Oleg? Then start watching the TV series "The Price of the Past.

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