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Season 1 48 4 2017
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In early autumn 1988 the family of Aleksei Anatolievich Zubov, a leading researcher at the Institute of Viroscience, was in an outwardly prosperous state. TThis, however, is rather the merit of his wife. This, in fact, is rather the merit of his wife. Galya is the dean of the Institute of Foreign Languages. If it were not for the complicated nature of the daughter-student, her puppet non-conformism and desire for independence, all would be well. Galya fights with Masha in an attempt to find some common ground. But to no avail: Masha has a serious crush on a boy - a graduate of the Military Medical Academy, Vadim. It's like a natural disaster. 

However, very soon another hotbed of tension arises in the family. Quiet, steeped in science, Alexei unexpectedly falls in love with his graduate student Tanya. At stake is the stability of the entire family ship. And then Galya decides to take the radical step - to give birth at the age of 44. Galina's plan succeeds. Finding herself "pregnant," she asks her husband to be more attentive to her. Alexei tries to explain to his new wife that he can't leave the family now, though he really loves Tanya. Masha's relationship with Vadim goes too far, which unwittingly leads to another mother-daughter quarrel. Masha declares to Gala that from now on she will live as she thinks fit. However, this quarrel is of a temporary nature, and it seems that the Zubovs' life goes back to the old track. However all changes overnight when Galya inadvertently loses her child. 

Alexei gets back together with Tanya, and Masha realizes that she is pregnant. Having found this out, Galya consults with her friend Irina, a gynecologist. But Irina suggests that Gala not insist on having an abortion of her daughter, but instead give birth to a child and give it away as her own. She listens to her friend and makes a deal with Masha.

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