A family secret 

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Season 1 48 1-4 2018
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Relatives, close friends and partners gather for the anniversary of pharmaceutical tycoon Stanislav Mikhailovich Romanovsky. There is also a private detective Alexei Pereverzev, who came under the guise of a London friend of Romanovsky's daughter Margarita. The young woman invited him because she is convinced that her father is going to be killed. And she suspects her sister Agniya and brother Philippe, since they have learned of Romanovsky's plans to disinherit his children. In the midst of the fun Veronika Pavlovskaya, who worked for Stanislav Mikhailovich as an assistant manager, appears. And the head of the family publicly announced her future wife and heiress ... The effect was comparable to a stirred hornets' nest. The next day Margarita is found dead.

Who killed the girl and why? What skeletons in the closet kept each member of the family? Will the detective be able to unravel this tangle of family secrets?

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