The chasm between us 

season 1 episode 1
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Season 1 48 4 2020
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Nadya had a happy life - her beloved husband Valery and three beautiful children. But one day everything fell apart - Nadya found out that Valery was cheating on her with her best friend Larissa. On the way home in the car the couple quarrel and Valeriy runs over a young woman. The victim dies. Nadya realises that she and her children will starve to death and takes a desperate step for their sake. She takes the blame for Valeriu and goes to prison.

When Nadya gets out, it turns out that her husband has long been living with Larissa and the children have almost forgotten their mother... In an unsuccessful attempt to find work the heroine finds a job with a businessman Mikhail, who by an unbelievable coincidence was the husband of the very woman who died. But she does not know it, and he does not suspect, who works for him as an accountant. At some point Nadya notices that Mikhail shows more than just a working interest in her... What will happen when the truth comes out?

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