Two wives 

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Season 1 48 4 2017
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"Two Wives" is a melodrama in four episodes about how easy money and numerous attractions can ruin the family life of a young couple. Nastya and Kostya Chizhov live together with their mother-in-law in a small apartment in Ryazan. They pay mortgage, cut costs on literally everything, but invariably hope for the best. Moreover, Nastya's dreams are connected with the birth of a child, but Kostya's hopes are related to getting richer all of a sudden. Ironically, it is his childish dream that comes true. A millionaire, whose life Kostya saved a few years ago, bequeaths all his fortune to the guy and dies. Overnight Chizhov becomes a banker, owner of a luxury house, cars and a lot of money. Meanwhile, the civilian wife of the deceased Marina, left with nothing, decides to act. First, she rubs the trust in Nastya, and then begins to seduce Kostya. Main roles played by Ivan Zhidkov (Kostya), Elena Radevich (Nastya) and Nastasia Samburskaya (Marina), as well as star of "Kitchen" Olga Kuzmina, who played in a mini-series "Two Wives" Ira - Nastya's best friend.

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