The life of others 

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48 4 2019
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Elena is a successful businesswoman, the head of a juice manufacturing company. Her life is perfectly fine. She is about to marry a successful businessman Evgeny. However, one day, in the rush to meet him, Elena unwillingly becomes the cause of a car accident. To her it seemed as if she had avoided a head-on collision. She did not notice how the oncoming car crashed into the ditch. 

A family was injured in the accident. Though both son and father got only bruises, the mother of the family was in a serious condition. Evgeny comforted Elena by saying he gave them money for medical treatment in order to keep the case quiet. But after a few years, Elena accidentally learns that the woman is dead. The father is drinking himself to death, and the son was taken away by the custodial authorities. To make amends, she meets Alexei under the false name seeking to somehow help the family. But she has no idea this meeting will overturn her whole life...

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