Remembering you 

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48 4 2019
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Ludmila and Andrei are happily married. They have been together for 17 years now and have two beautiful children. The couple has just moved into a new house, which they have been dreaming of for a long time. But one day Andrei goes away on a business trip and disappears without any trace...

Luda tries to find her husband, calls the hospitals, the police, but all in vain. Andrei has vanished. The heroine tries to start her life anew for the sake of her children. Luda sticks her neck out for two years, wishing her husband would return, rejecting his best friend Victor. Finally, miracle happens - in social networks, she sees an ad in which Andrew, who has lost his memory, is looking for information about himself...

Luda is beyond happy, but when her husband returns home, it turns out that he does not remember her or her children, and they are now strangers...

Will Luda's love be able to awaken Andrei's memory? Will he recall his family or will he move on from those he doesn't remember? Who is responsible for Andrei's disappearance?

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