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season 1 48 24 2018
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A native citizen of St. Petersburg, Maxim is dedicated to his work, despite the lack of perspective in science in the challenging 90s. He is a philologist who studies folklore. His student Lyuba is secretly in love with him, but Maxim doesn't believe in spontaneous feelings. Lyuba convinces Maxim to go to the village of Rusalino, where her aunt lives and where ancient customs and songs are still carefully preserved. She thinks that this trip will help them become closer, and Maksim will finally pay attention to her.

What awaits them in the village is a tricky challenges and a life-changing encounter. Maxim will meet Rada, a beautiful gypsy girl, on the magic night of Ivan Kupala. This meeting will dramatically change not only Maksim's and Rada's lives but also those of the people connected with them. Their love will burst out like a flame, but circumstances will not allow them to be together. Maxim goes home heartbroken and Rada gets married bearing his beloved child under her heart... Tragic events will intertwine into a tangled web of family secrets. Will the characters be able to untangle it to find happiness? Sometimes it takes a lifetime to do so.

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