Contract love 

season 1 episode 1


A man and a woman from different social backgrounds - a successful businessman Yegor (Andrei Noskov) and a nurse Anya (Anna Arefieva) - meet under difficult circumstances. Both are unavailable: Anya's husband Sergei (Anton Bagrov) is in a wheelchair after a car accident and withdrawn, and Egor's wife Liliya (Polina Tolstun), a prima ballerina, refuses to share the joy of fatherhood with him, in order not to sacrifice her body figure or her career. Anya agrees to carry a baby boy for Yegor and Lilia in order to pay for her husband's operation, but slowly realizes that Yegor is seeing her not just as a surrogate mother for his child, but as a woman... What can be done when both are married, but both want a simple family happiness, unlike their significant others? What if the under-contract-relationship suddenly grows into a real feeling? And will they both find the strength to change their fate dramatically?

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