How long does love live? (Mr. President) 

season 1 episode 1
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48 4 2019
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Vera Alekseevna, a math teacher, finds it difficult to find common ground with Sasha, a desperate bully, a repeater. Eleventh-grader risks losing his diploma even at the second attempt. 

Then Vera decides to tutor the boy. But during classes Sasha suddenly confesses his passion for her. Vera is married, she is frightened by the situation and the age difference. And even more by Sasha's persistence, because he used to achieve his goal in spite of all the obstacles...

Many years have passed. Alexander has become the president of a large financial company, his business is going uphill, and he is happily married. The only thing that darkens his family life is the absence of children. Furthermore the people around them and their close friends, who are judging them, slowly poison the couple's life like drops of poison. After all, Sasha's wife is much older than him... Will the couple be able to keep their affection when the whole world is against them?

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