Illusion maze 

season 1 episode 1
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48 4 2019
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In the center of the plot - the conflict between two women: femme fatale beauty Margot and gentle Valentina. Valentina Lavrova - happy wife of successful and wealthy Andrew and mother of one and a half year old Nikita. It seems that her life is any woman's dream. 

But one day Valentina becomes ill during the race organized by her husband. After she awakes, she discovers that her son has disappeared. But her husband assures her that he never existed and that Nikita is a fantasy of her mental disorder. This is what Margo, the gorgeous young nurse, and the family doctor, who prescribes her strong sedatives, tells her. But Valya believes no one for she feels she has a son and he is in danger.

Can Valya trust her intuition? Can she tell the difference between reality and illusion? Who is trying to drive her crazy and why? 

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