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Galileo with Vladimir Markoni 24 12 2019
Galileo with Danya Kraster 24 17 2020
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The legendary TV show "Galileo" returns to the screens. Now it will be hosted by Vladimir Markoni, who will try to replace the legendary Alexander Pushnoy. 

The format of the show remains the same. Its hosts Vladimir Marconi and Danya Craster (popular blogger) will guide viewers through the science in a simple and entertaining manner. Fascinating researches confirming the laws of physics, chemical experiments, and reports from various locations - all this will once again become available to fans of popular science TV shows.

In the season two of the program, Denis Kolesnikov will talk about the laws of thermodynamics, methods of sound visualization, and the history of punctuation signs, and the popular blogger-inventor Danya Kraster, whose videos on the SuperCrastan channel have already gathered 400 million views, will demonstrate chemistry, physics, and biology experiments. Animations from which you can learn little-known facts about cultural and technological achievements will help high school students consolidate the material they've learned at school.

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