Season 1 Episode 10
Season 2 Episode 1
Season 2 Episode 10
Season 2 Episode 20
seasons min episodes year
Season 1 24 20 2014
Season 2 24 20 2015
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What do you do if you’re kind-hearted, sweet and lovely, almost the perfect girl, a journalism student and a smart lady but you have one serious flaw: you are very hefty? Literally… That is the question that keeps haunting Lika Vershinina, the main character of new comic show Angelica. Angelica weighs about 99 kilos (218 pounds) and is obsessed with getting slimmer because, just like any other girl, she wants to go out with her classmates, look good, wear trendy clothes and attract the most handsome guy at the university… But suddenly Lika’s dream comes true. One morning Lika wakes up in her bed looking slim, beautiful and completely new! But it does not last long… At the most undesirable moment the chubby cheeks, the double chin and the extra pounds get back to where they belong. The same thing happens the next day. One time chubby, next time slim! Unexpected transformations become a source of continuous funny and amusing situations in the life of the main character.

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