S1 E1
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Season 1 48 16 2018
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Young teacher of Russian and literature Vera Subbotina started a new life: she moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow and got a job at a college. New colleagues, new students, new acquaintances, but suddenly her mistakes of the past get back into her life…

A meeting with the unspoken leader of the class (troubled teenager Kristina) and her parents Nadezhda and Kirill Uspensky turned Vera’s life upside down and brought back the past that she was running away from…

Several years ago Vera had to betray her love for Kirill for the sake of Nadezhda’s happiness even though Kirill begged her to stay. And now God tries her again by bringing her up against the man she loves in a difficult situation.

Episode 1 synopsis:

Teacher Vera Subbotina, moves from St. Petersburg to Moscow and gets a job in a lyceum, where she gets a very difficult class. Soon, at a parent meeting of this class, Vera sees her old acquaintance Nadezhda Uspenskaya, whom she gave birth to a girl fourteen years ago under a surrogacy agreement. Vera understands that on the eve of the lesson she unwittingly met her daughter Christina.

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