From Hate to Love 

S1 E1
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Season 1 48 24 2018
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The main character – successful business woman Natalia – has been the long-term love of Mikhail. She does not feel the same about him, but rather she treats him like a friend. It’s been going on her many years. That is why when Natalia meets handsome and talented Leonid, she falls head over heels for him. By giving all of her love to this man, she betrays Mikhail. To explain herself, Natalia thinks that she also has the right to love and be happy. But the thing is that soon she realizes that Leonid betrayed her. He just used her. He was only interested in her business.

Love turns into hate and hate turns into love. Will the main characters manage to handle their feelings?

Episode 1 synopsis:

Natalya Orlova is a successful business woman, the owner of the fashionable hotel "Favourite Countryhouse". She built a business with her own hands. Natalia has a daughter, Sasha. Natalia never had a husband. Her friends Anya, Tamara and childhood friend Mikhail Avrutin helped to raise my daughter. It is for Mikhail that Natalia now, after so many years of their acquaintance and joint work, is going to marry. The preparations for the wedding are in full swing. At a party with her friend Vyacheslav, Natalia accidentally meets Leonid Maryamov. This meeting changes Natalia's whole well-organized and calm life. She realizes that she has fallen in love. Natalia shares her secret with Tamara, unaware that for many years Tamara has been unrequitedly in love with Mikhail.

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