The Last of the Magikyan 

Season 1 Episode 1
Priority of viewers SUPER HIT
seasons min episodes year
Season 1 24 12 2013
Season 2 24 16 2014
Season 3 24 12 2014
Season 4 24 20 2014
Season 5 24 20 2015
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Karen Magikyan is almost 50 years old. Не is the head of his family and the father to three daughters. Не is at the age when people don't change. Не has long- standing laws and rules that he lives bу, and he does not want to break them. Не does not get the relations of today's world. How can а guy stay at his daughter's room for а night when they're not even married? Не is а Caucasian, and he has principles! Karen is the Last of the Magikyan not just because he has three daughters and at his age there is no chance to get а male heir. Не represents the vanishing breed of people who have never talked on Skype, and to whom mail is а written piece of paper in an envelope, but most i mportantly they do not cave in to the changing world because 'it's how they do it now' or'you live in the XXI century'.

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