S1E1 (Eng subtitles)
Priority of viewers SUPER HIT
seasons min episodes year
Season 1 48 12 2017
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Cyprus, a training camp for youth female volleyball teams. Russian high school students win their friendly game and fly to Moscow on a private plane of their wealthy sponsor. Soon after the plane takes off, the connection with the crew is lost, and the airplane disappears from the radars. After hours of active searching, the airplane is found in Libya. The girls are captured by radical Islamists. Some of the captives will be sold on the illegal human organ market, and others will end up in harems or brothels. One of the captives is Katya, she is a daughter of a former secret agent named Oleg. He immediately starts an operation to save his daughter uniting the efforts with fathers of other girls from the team. And now the most ordinary guys will have to do the impossible to save their daughters.

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