DNA Test 

DNA Test
DNA Test
DNA Test
DNA Test
seasons min episodes year
Season 1 47 40 2017
Season 2 47 40 2018
Season 3 47 114 2018-2019
Season 4 48 60 2019
Season 5 48 60 2019-2020
Season 6 48 60 2020
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The starting of a family and the birth of a child are the milestones in the life of virtually any woman. But unfortunately children often become merely a bargaining chip for property disputes between the parents, distribution of inheritance or other family problems. In that case a DNA test becomes the key factor to the solution. Each story is much bigger than just a court trial to establish who the father is. First and foremost, it is a story of personal relations where all of the people involved are related to each other. The trial will unfold unexpected facts directly affecting the judgment. 

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