Pregnant. After 

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Pregnant. After
Pregnant. After
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Season 1 48 8 2017
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The most outspoken TV show about pregnancy and motherhood is taking it to the next level. In the new season you will learn what women go through once they become mothers. Sasha Zvereva, Daria Pynzar, Tutta Larsen and Aiza Anokhina will let you into their lives and share some of the most sacred moments. Many people think that celebrity moms are surrounded with assistants and their daily routine consists mainly of self indulgence. The women will break these stereotypes and show you what life on the other side of the screen really looks like. Four different

women, four stories, four outlooks on life. They all have one thing in common – unconditional love for their kids and a wish

to be great mothers and wives.

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