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The mid ‘80s: Gorbachev, glasnost, first cooperative societies, perestroika, 1986, global changes are just about to start.

Ordinary people’s life still runs its old course, but the feeling of freedom already hangs thick in the air. And the youth are always first to catch it. The main character of the series is a typical eighteen-year-old second-year student named Vanya (Alexander Yakin). He lives a hectic student’s life: study at the institute, life in the student’s hall of residence, field days to gather potatoes, secret home concerts, new friends, love and even sex, which allegedly did not take place in the Soviet Union.

Vanya and his peers are ready for new changes; the job of an engineer with a 120-rouble salary is not their ultimate dream. They listen to banned music, catch banned radio stations, dream of having  “right” jeans and do not want to live their old life. Watch the sixth season of “The Eighties” on CTC and online to learn what new expects the series’ characters. 

The series may be not historically accurate, but they show the bright signs of that period. They will give a chance to those, who used to be young back in the ‘80s, to smile and say: “It was so good to live that bad!”

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