seasons min episodes year
1 season 48 8 2016
season 2 48 16 2017
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"The acute shortage of men, endless traffic jams, bad environment, economic crises and chilly winters ... It is time to leave this country!" - sooner or later, every woman starts to think about it. It would seem that everything is simple: a suitcase, an airport, a one-way ticket and a step into a new life! But is the grass always greener on the other side? And whether it is necessary to believe the beautiful tales of courteous gentlemen, luxurious castles on the beach and the eternal summer?

"Domashniy" tells the real stories of girls who went after their princes to distant lands. They went headlong and abandoned everything for the sake of love described in the films. What awaited them outside of the home state? Which customs and traditions of their new homeland took them aback? And how did they manage to fit in in another world?

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