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Sunlight dapples, games in rain, tender mothers and the smell of freshly backed cakes…all these feelings come from our childhood- the most nonchalant, peaceful and happiest time of our lives. Everyone has one’s own memories. Psychologists assert, our childhood memories, events and blows we had at that period influence our self-esteem and support us during our whole life. Each of us had bad luck in childhood…The fact how quickly we coped with difficult life situations and overcame them at tender age impacts our further life immensely.

We often think that famous people – actors, writers, musicians – enjoyed their fortune since their very first days, that they never saw illnesses or losses. The producers of TV series “Non Star Childhood”, shot as a family documentary, asked well-known people recollect some dramatic moments of their childhood.

The series include interviews with the actor Dmitriy Duzhev, the actor Valeriy Zolotukhin, the singer Lyudmila Zykina, the actor Yevgeny Mironov, the gymnast Lyasan Utiasheva, the hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov, the actress Olga Aroseva, the actress Natalya Guseva, the singer Yekaterina Shavrina, the tennis player Shamil Tarpishev. All the heroes of the project “Non Star Childhood” have something in common: they all lived through horrible events but managed to gain success after all. Their “star” example can serve as an impetus for modern children, teenagers and even adults in overcoming difficulties for the sake of future triumph.

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