FIRE-EATER (1 ep+subt)
seasons min episodes year
1 season 46 15 2012
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Are you sure that you control your life? Who guarantees, that only your will determines your actions, rather than someone holding a joystick and pressing buttons for fun? What can be more exciting than controling another person's life, especially if the later knows nothing of it?

One day Alexey Korin, an ex-sportsman, learns that he can't control his own life, because he and his friends are controlled by some misterious “gamers”. That pain and death he sees is just their meticuously planned game. “Gamers” manipulate “puppets”. When performing a task, a “puppet” can get hurt and even die.
That is why “puppets” are found among sports young men, thrill-seekers, for whom risk is usual practice. They are the representatives of youth subcultures: traceurs, streetracers, fencers, various marcial arts masters. An enigmatic Producer rules the game. Only he knows the scenario of the next game. But now, when the truth is out, so called “puppets” have a chance to take the lives of “gamers” under control.

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