I hate you all 

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Season 1 24 20 2017
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The comedy “I hate you all” opens the world of the restaurant business for the audience, with the main character Sonya at the hub of it. Sonya is a restaurant critic by profession and a convinced misanthrope by nature. The series ““I hate you all” tell the story of a young and ambitious girl who prefers to avoid contact with people and gets at loggerheads with anyone she comes across. However, should Sonya drink a glass of wine, she turns into the most amicable and good-natured girl. Once she let herself have a glass of wine at the opening of a restaurant, and that case rocked her world. In the morning, she was shocked to find out she had spent a night with Kirill; moreover, she had made friends with a chatty nail artist Nelya and her neighbor Vova, a taxi driver.

You can learn what trick the girl’s love of alcohol will play with her if you watch the series ““I hate you all”.

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