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1 season 45 4 2015
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Detective mini-series based on the novel by Elena Mikhalkova.

A model Mikhaela Kostina was killed in a luxury nightclub. The police arrived to the club along with detectives Makar Ilyushin and Sergey Babkin, who had picked up the trail of Alla Roskunova they had been searching.

Alla’s aunt was worried for her niece; she claimed that getting into fruity stories was a kind of a hobby for the girl. But Alla escaped as soon as she saw the detectives. Evidently, she had something to do with Mikaela’s death. She could also have been mixed up with the other death, as Mikaela was the second victim among the models working in the club. Both Mikaela and the first girl had a toxic drug miorelaxant found in their blood: the drug was used to poison rats, but it was also deathful for humans in large doses…

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