Hotel Eleon 

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S1 E1 (Eng subtitles)
Priority of viewers SUPER HIT FORMAT
seasons min episodes year
Season 1 25 21 2016
Season 2 25 21 2017
Season 3 25 21 2018
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"Hotel Eleon" is a completely new series, a spin-off of the legendary "The Kitchen" – one of the most favorite out of CTC series. The focus now is not only the kitchen itself, but also a hotel: the boss retired, received a cherished Michelin star, Eleanora Andreevna found her happiness in the northern capital, a love drama of Vika and Max came to an end. Nevertheless, the life goes on, and the Hotel Eleon is ready to welcome guests.

Favorite actors from "The Kitchen" will remain with us: Dzhekovich is still responsible for the perfect order in the hotel, a former waitress Nastya replaces the responsible post of Victoria Sergeevna (Kostya is terrified of his wife's career zigzags), and thoughtless Senya becomes the chief of the restaurant Victor. And everything is good, but instead of Eleanora Andreevna the hotel is now headed by her nephew Paul – a light-minded but tricky young man. In order to manage the hotel effectively, he invites a super manager Sofia Tolstaya, and she sets the rules that will not appeal to every member of the staff. The series "Hotel Eleon" release date is scheduled for late 2016, and it will introduce the audience with new colorful characters: the chief engineer Uncle Borya eliminates numerous everyday breakages, the security chief Leonid monitors the safety, the senior maid Valentina manages a large team and recruits new maid Dasha… The premiere will gladden not only the "The Kitchen" fans, but also all the lovers of sparkling and light comedies. New series can be watched online immediately after the broadcast.

"Hotel Eleon" is one of the most anticipated series of 2016. The trailers appeared even on some pirate sites, called "Hotel ElYon". The audience, beware! Watching "Hotel ElYon" on pirates’ websites is like buying a cheap knockoff. Watch "Hotel Eleon" online just after the broadcast on CTC channel.


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