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1 episode 34 1 2010
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Ivan, a retired seeman and womizer, still admires women. But he regrets that he has no family and children. Suddenly he finds out, that he has three grown up sons: one from a Russian Luba, the second one from a Jew Rosa and the third one is from a beautiful Miriam from the Caucasus.

Thirty-year-old Sanka Vorobyev is a loser small interprener; he is going to his new small shop “Presents” by underground. A powerful, but quite young, deputy of the State Duma Boris Ivanovich Abramov is driving to his press-conference in his “Mercedece”. He is a secretive person, absolutely alien to ordinary people; he stands for “rational patriotism”, but doesn't know, that he has become an icon for skinheads and nationalists. Forty-year-old mustached Rustam Mamedov from the Caucasus is a mini-bus driver. He has recently come to Moscow to have his heart-diseased son treated. He is being constantly humiliated by his compatriots and the representatives of law and order. It seems these absolutely different people can have nothing in common...

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