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1 season 15 15 2008
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You may think you have nothing new to learn about well-known flowers: roses, irises, chamomiles etc. However, each of them has its properties, secrets and legends.

Even the host of the show Sergey Novikov, a professional biologist, discovered lots of new historical facts and legends, which he found unusual and exciting! Naturally, he couldn’t but shared them with flower lovers. Learn new facts, legends and stories about familiar flowers and those, which are encountered very seldom.

Sergey interviews florists, experienced decorators and avid amateur gardeners. The guests of the show share historical facts about flowers and give valuable tips how to take care of these palnts to make them fit in, match one another in a bunch and bring people joy with their beauty as long as possible. Of course, we should share such valuable information with everybody who loves flowers.

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