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1 season 23 20 2014
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 At the first sight, the characters of this documentary don’t catch your eye. They have everything a man should have: a job, a family, friends and hobbies. But at certain periods these ordinary guys turn into an aggressive pack with their own language, complicated laws and icon – football.

The documentary action “Fans” discusses football fans’ wars, shows them through the eyes of witnesses and describes their hot battles.

This reckless show lets you see the football fans’ underworld empire from an extremely close distance. The host of the show Igor Krymatov, a spots commentator and journalist, knows a lot of things about football fans, outcasts and hooligans. Now he has decided to show this tough and cruel fans’ world from every angle: from their dress code to their hymns like “God Save “Spartak”!”; from their first foreign battle with “Manchester United” fans to long-term fights by the principle “eye for eye, tooth for tooth”. In addition, the audience will see the legends and leaders of the football movement and interviews with the best-known football hooligans.

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