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Everybody knows that food is our everyday need. Dietitians believe that proper, rational and balanced diet is a science, and the most famous chefs say that the food itself and the skills you need to choose, prepare, serve and enjoy your meals are a true art. Few people know that every regular food item has its own mystery, tradition and history.

Food is a part of people’s culture, reason for communication and sometimes the way of self-fulfillment. We eat food to support and improve our health, though sometimes we eat the food that undermines it.

Food is a huge part of our life. It protects, brings comfort, gives and returns love. And it only demands that we have proper knowledge, be responsible when we cook it and respect it. Use food’s magic power. You will find it interesting and tasty!

A  new popular scientific series  “Food mystery” reveals the phenomenal mysteries and secretes of meals, drinks and spices.
The program topics: coffee, cereal, eggs, chocolate, tomatoes, sweets, bread, cabbage, potatoes, ice-cream, tea, macaroni, cheese, cucumbers, salt, meat, nuts, fish, sugar.

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