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1 season 49 12 2013
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The documentary series “Happiness Without Victims” is a film about relationships, love, fear, revenge, romance, incredible success, men and women.

Each series is unparalleled and typical at the same time. What should you do if your relationships are abrasive and deadlocked, your better half is cheating on you and your reflection in the mirror doesn’t make you happy? Is it possible to have happiness without victims? Should you do the craziest things for your love? Why do exes turn enemies and can they stay friends after divorce? Can you save your marriage if it is a mess? How can you save your happiness? Is there a line, which makes it useless to sacrifice yourself and try to change it all back, if you cross it?
The show explains why nice girls turn into bitches, why such image is so attractive for men; whether it helps these girls be happy and how much girls have to pay for this image. You will also learn why guys like such girls but marry other ones and hear stories of girls who proposed to their boyfriends.

The audience will see experiments and investigations, hear experts’ tips and stars’ commentaries and find many other things in the series “Happiness Without Victims”.

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