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Do you have a streak of bad luck? Do misfortunes follow you, while happiness is out of your sight? Don’t despair. You can change it!

Esoterics and psychologists assure that your fate is not a given. Your bad luck is your fault. Your thoughts, actions and mood attract either bad or good things. How can you leave your bad luck behind and turn to happiness?

Today the best-know esoterics’ trainings hit records by the number of listeners. Sergey Lazarev, Alexander Sviyash, Anatoly Nekrasov, Vitaly Gibert, Valery Sinelnikov, Vladimir Zhikarentsev – their tours across Russia are booked for a year ahead. Their books sell millions of copies.

The documentary series “Fate Without Victims” includes interviews with the most popular and recognized esoterics, who will explain where we take our illnesses; how to make our children happy; how to stop being lonely and keep your marriage; how to be prosperous and rich and learn to influence other people; how to sacrifice your habits and break through routine. Go ahead to new achievements!

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