Ask the Chef 

Ask the Chef
Ask the Chef
Ask the Chef
Ask the Chef
Ask the Chef
Ask the Chef
seasons min episodes year
1 season 22 38 2010
2 season 49 44 2011
3 season 49 22 2012
4 season 49 40 2013
5 season 49 55 2014
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Cooking is not limited to recipes and technologies. Experts will answer such questions as how to choose household kitchen equipment, kitchenware and, of course, how to serve a dish and set the table. You can ask the chef anything!

Ask the Chef is designed to help beginning and experienced housewives. The show is a sort of TV cookery forum where professional chefs Konstantin Ivlev and Yuri Rozhkov share their best recipes, answer TV viewers’ questions, help housewives overcome kitchen difficulties and learn how to cook. While excellent cooks will learn small secrets.

“Master class for a star” rubric is visited by well-known people who come to learn how to cook and sometimes share their cookery secrets. “Recipes exchange” rubric gives a unique opportunity for housewives and amateur cooks share their recipes.

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