seasons min episodes year
1 season 48 4 2011
2 season 48 21 2012
3 season 48 20 2013
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Changing your image can often help you change yourself. Depressed girls, who stopped taking care of themselves, have the assistance of fashion experts –the hosts of the show “Take It Off Right Away!” Tasha Strogaya and Natalia Stefanenko.

Each girl wants to look pretty and desirable. Each one wants her photos to be as good as glossy magazines’ covers and to find her prince Charming , who would sing serenades under her balcony. However, lots of these girls feel disappointed when they look in the mirror and don’t know what to do to look classy and trendy. Some of them even think that only actors and celebrities can look smart and elegant.

To find the main cause of girls’ depression and eliminate it with the help of new image is the task the hosts undertake, and they always get things done! Because they are both self-made women, who know how to look charming and attractive!

Each episode of the show describes a story of a young girl or a woman, who feels disappointed with herself and her looks and who has lost hope to find her happiness. The hosts face the challenge to find the core reason of their heroines’ concern, make them leave their past behind and believe in themselves. Ksenia and Svetlana will definitely give some useful tips how to keep perfect shape every day, dress properly, make up and look stunning every day.

The show “Take It Off Right Away!” doesn’t only share stories of different women, it also shows their miraculous transformation and gives handy tips to the audience. Each girl can learn something new from the hosts, fashion designers and stylists, who work on the image of the show participants.

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