Tell Me What Is Wrong?! 

Tell Me What Is Wrong?!
Tell Me What Is Wrong?!
seasons min episodes year
1 season 49 172 2010
2 season 49 51 2011
Special issue 49 22 2010
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Psychologists and sexologists restore “dying” marital relationships.

Eventually every family has a moment when passions run high and people want to break up and move to different continents not to mention different apartments.
It is seldom that people want to save their marriage when they are angry and upset, and even more seldom that they admit their mistakes. Each one admits his or her own mistakes. But in most cases these are no mistakes, but irritating habits, sometimes even harmless ones.

This time the participants are not married couples, but lonely women unlucky in love, who fail to find their only one. Experts – psychologists and just happy women – will give the heroines advice and discuss their problems. Moreover, they will conduct training sessions and role-playing games to help them open up and make the first step to a happy life.

Frank conversations designed to reveal complexes and get rid of them, creating an image of an ideal partner and your relationships, study in a geisha school, dates, transformation and many other things expect the heroine during many-sided preparation to a new life.

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