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It’s time to change! If you can’t lose weight alone, do it with your family!

The show has the following intrigue: a few couples simultaneously take part in the project. In the course of three months, at least two members of one family will be losing weight together. These could be husband and wife, mother and daughter, father and son, father and daughter – all in all, any family member willing to lose weight. Besides, when two loved ones start doing the same thing, they compete with one another, but also they show understanding, so they have nothing to do but lose weight!

The hosts of the show Anastasiya Myskina and Vadim Tikhomirov and a dietitian Alexey Kovalkov first measure the both participants and sum up their “family size”. They also calculate how many kilos the participants have to lose together and determine the contribution of each of them. One of the hosts acts as a “seducer”. He or she suggests that the participants should refuse from losing weight, saying something like: “why do you need all this?” But pairs don’t’ give up! Then the dietician takes the lead: he asks the participants all he needs to know to make their diet and explains to them, what they can and should eat and what they should avoid at any circumstances. The dietician forecasts right away how much time they need to lose weight: one, two, five months or a year or so. From this moment the hosts, doctors, psychologists and, of course, the audience keep a close eye on the participants. 

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