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The one and only show about apartment redesigning. It’s not just a show, it’s a real adventure!
All means are fair in redesigning, as well as in love! The host of the show Elena Valushkina and the best interior designers prove: a rented apartment is not a sentence to comfort and convenience. They have just two weeks and 150 000 to turn “granny’s” apartments into up-to-date and comfortable places to live in.

What makes the show “For Rent! Refurbished!” stand out against other shows devoted to interior redesigning?

First, it has an unparalleled format. Those who have ever happened to rent a flat, know what such places look like: a rug on the wall, a Soviet cupboard and peeling plaster. “For Rent! Refurbished!” is the first show on Russian TV, which redesigns rented apartments!

Second, it has a charming host. The one and only Elena Valushkina has made lots of landlords change their hearts and agree to continue and finish redesigning their apartments. Her charm works 100%, while her sense of humour helps her out of any, even the , situation!

Third, the show is an instruction manual explaining how to make cheap minor repairs and breathe new life in old things. The designers and participants of the show have just 150 000 rubles. The show experts explain how you can save money and what you should do to make your apartment look superb at minimum costs. Where can you use jars or flower pots; should you throw a broken bike away; and how can you make an old table look like an original art object? The designers of the show “For Rent! Refurbished!” give you tips how you can make outdates things fit into modern interior.

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