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People get in lots of tricky situations, especially women. Their primary mission is to have families and children. However, today this notion has significantly transformed. Lots of women find it more exciting to make careers than to have children. When they turn forty, they realize that they have nothing but work, so they often risk and try to have babies. The documentary series “My Own Truth” reveals the secrets of late maternity and helps women overcome divorces and learn about unequal marriages.

“My Own Truth” will answer all the questions teasing women! Can you have a baby at forty? Will your baby be healthy? Does such pregnancy have risk for mother’s health? What it’s like being a single mother, because lots of women have babies without getting married? Does your baby need a father, even if he’s a step-father? Is it difficult for you to find a decent man or do you believe, that your family needs no man? Pretty well-off women become single mothers, though they have lots of admirers. Aren’t they able to find a “husband and a father” –or they just don’t want to?

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