DOS and DON'TS (subt)
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1 season 24 20 2013
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All people have their own rules. They follow them in their daily life, love and victories, they teach their children follow these rules and even impose them on their loved ones. Somebody finds it important to maintain good relationships with everybody; his or her main rule is living in peace with everyone whatever it takes! Other people focus on their careers, so their rules help them move ahead. Yet other ones believe that no rules are the top rule. These rules are all different, but they serve as the basis for shaping personality and help people get what they want.
The show “My Own Rules” gives a chance to any successful girl to share her own rules and experience of using them in life. Moreover, each of them is sure that she’s ideal! An ideal mother, wife, housewife, businesswoman and even an ideal egoist! The host of the show Natalia Kulikova asks her guests how they have reached their ideals. In the course of conversations other experts join them: an astrologist, a “man behind the scenes”, a stylist, a designer and, naturally, a psychologist. They help the girls sort out their feelings and find their true selves.

Human psycho is the following: it’s always interesting to know what happens with other people. It’s always thrilling to “peep through a keyhole”. People often do it not out of curiosity, but because they want to share their experience and to learn something new from one another. The show “My Own Rules” will help and teach you, give you some tips and support!

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