seasons min episodes year
1 season 45 150 2011
2 season 23 20 2012
3 season 24 80 2013
DTV Life 10 20 2011
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“M.I.I.” – “The Most Incredible Incidents” – is the first weekly TV magazine of regional sensations. All these things may seem incredible, striking, frightening, ridiculous or sharp, nonetheless, they exist in Russian reality; and we show them in our program.

The heroes of the videos are absolutely ordinary people. They have only one thing in common – they all have extraordinary but real life stories. For example, what do you think of a boy, who has long lashes all pretty girls envy? Or a girl who speaks all birds’ languages? Or a tamer, who shares a flat with a lama and takes it to work in his car?

These people may seem strange and even crazy, but they all live around the corner. Facts not included into gossip columns got into the funny tabloid of “M.I.I.”

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