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1 season 23 21 2016
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Many people wish to get a bird's-eye view of the outward things, however not everyone makes a decision to put it into action.

“Roofers” is a new extreme show, which takes you up at a height unforgettable and makes you trembling all over! Two ordinary guys will conquer the peaks of the highest skyscrapers of the planet. Without a safety accessory! With no permission! Absolutely out of control!

All they need are: a skyscraper, nerves of steel and several versatile HD GoPro cameras they fix on the body. Their task is to give a tour across the roofs of skyscrapers so that a viewer could feel seized with fear and delight at the same time, as if it was he to win the top with roofers!

ATTENTION: Don't try these tricks yourself. Danger!

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