S3 E15
S2 E1
S1 E1
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seasons min episodes year
Season 1 49 20 2014
Season 2 49 20 2015
Season 3 48 23 2017
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Popular social reality-show "Rubliovo Biryulievo"!

It is a big psychological experiment, which erase the boundaries between people from different social groups.

Wonders will never cease! Wealthy women change magnificent mansions for the one-room apartment in a five-storey block, and inhabitants of "slums" move to palaces. Participants of the show are real people with true-life stories, where every step is traced by TV cameras 24 hours per day.

Is that true, that “the grass is greener оn the other side”? Whether heroines will cope with circumstances of their new lives? And could the show affect them further?

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